What is the beauty of nature ?

                 The earth is created by Almighty Lord Allah in six days. Nature is one word everything surrounding us that we can see or not see by eyes. We the human understand that nature was not made by us only God! Human living are almost similar in same concepts. From soil to sky all about everything includes and summarized as a individual part of nature. There are four ways to tour easily around the world.


What is travelling ?

                    The earth is a curious book and i have read some pages of this world book. This book, i mean this great world. I want to discover the creation of God. I shall share all my personal experiences of traveling, advantages, disadvantages & and explain these known places. I am a nature lover guy and i visited more than 50 cities including rural areas of my country Bangladesh, researched a topic basis on insufficiency of poor people and their poverty. I have a bitter experience to travel a foreign country India beside us. That was completely a horrible tour, in my travel history.

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