What is travelling ?

                    The earth is a curious book and i have read some pages of this world book. This book, i mean this great world. I want to discover the creation of God. I shall share all my personal experiences of traveling, advantages, disadvantages & and explain these known places. I am a nature lover guy and i visited more than 50 cities including rural areas of my country Bangladesh, researched a topic basis on insufficiency of poor people and their poverty. I have a bitter experience to travel a foreign country India beside us. That was completely a horrible tour, in my travel history.

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     First of all i would like to thanks all travel lovers and exclusively those who are really fan of nature and attracted by it. I hope i can let you recreation by posting some amazing and beautiful photos of me and around the world.

In this earth surfaces almost 70% places are covered by water. Rest of the space for dwelling and desert. 96% of this water is saline due to  ocean. However the world contains some spectacular and mysterious places that we never see before. Just imagine the beauties of nature.

travel, tour, imagine, world, nature
           Travel is simply go from one place to another by train, car, plain, ship or may other vehicles. It becomes a short distance or a few days long tour. Journey to alone or a group of team. In my opinion wherever you tour in Bangladesh or anywhere your destination, this is not major. What did you learn  from your tour this is the fact. Travel is a educational theme to me as well as helpful to involving us different cultures, geographic locations, and meeting various types of people. In one sentence If we travel anywhere at a long duration and just out of our usual environment this can be a memorable journey to us depends on how much we enjoyed and be happy this period. In this blog i shall post about advantages and disadvantages of traveling, direction for better traveling and finally why traveling is important us to breakdown the dull routine?

travel, tour, imagine, world, nature   We know that, nature is a integral part of human lives. Around us we see or not see everything is nature. Weather, climate, hill and mountain, rain and earthquake almost everything  are individual part of nature. Here sunrise & sunset are completely connected with ocean and sky. You can imagine this Amazing situation that how wonderful the world is! Just go out from your home, take a short tour for beauty, stay on a valley, visit the forest and wild life and look that you are having too refresh. Undoubtedly, a joyful travel can remove your anxiety and make you happy your work place as well as your family. So lastly i just wanna say, traveling a different place raise up our understanding power and teach us how to mix with a odd situation. So at last not least that Travel is my Best Hobby.
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