What is the beauty of nature ?

                 The earth is created by Almighty Lord Allah in six days. Nature is one word everything surrounding us that we can see or not see by eyes. We the human understand that nature was not made by us only God! Human living are almost similar in same concepts. From soil to sky all about everything includes and summarized as a individual part of nature. There are four ways to tour easily around the world.


                   Beauty of natural scene :   

    Tree and sea are the most wonderful creation in nature because those two are considered to me the head of all beautiful substances. Science always want to discover the beauties of nature. Sometimes it is possible and sometimes is not. If we imagine at night in the sky we can see the beauties of sky by a golden moon and a lot of stars. If we want to perceive the beauties of nature we should realize the creation of God.

Nature is so charming and enjoyable to me whereas i am a travel lover i said before. Only travel can change our dull routine in our daily lives. If we travel in the world then we can imagine a lot of super natural pictures and the imagination of Almighty God. Nature taught us how to realize the happiness of beauty. For this reason i consider that travel is my best hobby. 

All around us Tree, flower, river, sea, hill, mountain, sun, moon, water flowing from the highest peak of a mountain, wild life animal, earth-quack, rain and forest, everything is the creation of Almighty Lord. These are the best objects for us to enjoy ourselves in our real lives. If we travel then we could realize the importance of nature. Nature is completely God gifted on for us, the human being.

          We the human being need rest for our daily lives. Our soul and existence always hope self relaxation though we are not immortal, have to die one day. God created our soul and it derives from our parents. Infusion is called the uniting of the soul our eternal lives. Nature taught us to live and compare our previous lives history. It is fully dependable to its own pattern.

Lastly i want to say that nature is the most important evidence to believe in God. We can communicate the God by watching the beauties  of this nature. In the earth there are lot of mountains, deserts, deep sea, valleys and forests that we can imagine the happiness of heaven. If we can imagine then it is the best components for us. I would like to welcome all travel lovers in my country and support them the best of my service as a travel guider. Hope we can enjoy the best of this world until our death.
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